I don’t want a pancake…
I don’t want a pancake, I don’t want a pancake!
Yvette, can you make me a pancake!?
Were you just talking to the cow creamer?
Cause it looked like you were.
Well, I wasn’t.

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Okay Tumblr—
I’ve been seriously re-considering adding this here. But I’ve seen some super powerful movements happen of here, since I know there are so many people who have good hearts. I have been living with CML for the past six years, I am now fully in remission. I used to have a big, bright smile—though because of extreme Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments, my teeth became brittle. They broke, now I have a new battle to face. I just don’t think I can manage it alone. 


—The witches Swiss army knife; It’s used for cutting things on the physical plane—whatever you need chopped up, your Boline is here for the job. Cords, Herbs, Ribbons—carving candles or runes.  They can have a  straight or curved blade—though among modern witches the curved blade is far most popular.  Kitchen Witches usually have no need for a Boline as the tradition encourages the use of regular ceremonial tools for mundane purposes—negating the need for a separate ritual knife.

Commonly they’re made with copper with a white handle—and very sharp. Like the Athame, if blood is drawn with a ritual knife like the Athame, Boline, or sword, the power of the knife is dissipated, must be destroyed, and can never be used in rituals again.

Mars Visits The Moon.

Today the planet Mars is stopped off at it’s old friends house, the Moon. I can imagine these two have been chummy for years, quite a few of them, sadly they won’t be seeing each other again until 2012, Mars has many business meetings and will be unable to attend any of the Moons parties. What a shame.

Well; let’s go over some symbolism of the two planets. What makes this friendship so unique and interesting?

While there is some gender confusion going around with planets lately, some think the Moon is masculine; while I find the Moon to be feminine. The Moon is sort of a cheat, she can’t produce any light by herself, so she relies on her brother, the Sun to reflect or mirror her image to us. To me, the Moon is quite subtle, she can represent all numbers of things; Clarity and reflection come to mind. The Sun is bold and will bear down it’s light and blaze upon any given philosophical subject; while the Moon is passive and softly directs our attention. She wraps our psyche in a beautiful glow and opens us to the esoteric impressions around us.

Key words of the Moon include; Renewal, Balance, Shadow, Wonder, Mystery, Progression, Perception, Emotion, Transition, Fertility, Time, Cycles, Influence, Psyche, Passivity, Illumination, Intuition and Receptivity. Now, stop and think about those words. The Moon is totally a chick, right? That brings a whole new meaning to ‘blood on the moon’.

The Moon rules the zodiac Cancer; the Tarot cards “Moon” and “Priestess” and the number “Two”.

Mars, no gender confusion there unless the toga throws you off. He swears it’s not a dress, anyway; Mars is a macho man, exploding with dynamic (and violent) energy. This guy has a dubious reputation; cut him some slack, it’s not easy being red (Yes our lovable frog Kermit is such a hack).

Mars popularity is pretty shaky, after all who wants to be friends with the guy who has the ability to confront life and death issues? Not to mention he’s highly influential in many aspects of our lives. Think of him as James Bond; no wonder the Moon likes him so much! The Symbolism of mars is relevant to the rhythms of life and death; on one hand we have this driving force of brand new beginnings with a following period of thoughtful retreat and a death (symbolic of course) to things that no longer serve their purpose.

Key words of Mars are as follow; Masculine, Active, Forceful, Driving, Aggression, Heated, Passionate, Focused, Aspiration, Goal Oriented, Enthusiastic and Vitality. Sounds like a guy who gets things done, doesn’t he?

Mars is the rule of “Aries” and “Scorpio”, the Tarot “Tower” and the number “Three”

- Godless Soothsayer.

Godless Soothsayer


I’m Godless Soothsayer. While my name holds true in some aspects, I should explain my name. Godless, doesn’t mean I don’t have any form of higher being I believe in or ‘speak’ with. I speak with many ‘gods’, ‘goddess’ and other ‘spirits’, I don’t conform to one set religion or spiritual being.

A Soothsayer, is a clairvoyant, crystal ball gazer, something like a fortune teller, oracle or prophet—you know; a psychic. While most people don’t believe in that kind of thing, I have had plenty of experience with the weird side of human life.

While I don’t believe my self to be anything close to a prophet or oracle; I do enjoy the occult and esoteric. What I have learned I would like to share, so enjoy my tumbling’s of thoughts.

-Godless Soothsayer.